About Us

The German owner of our company established his firm in 1997.

The Süssmuth Hungária Ltd. began its business life in Pécs about 8 years ago. Our own works of 900m2 was built in 2005 on the periphery of Egerág (10 kilometres far from Pécs).

The main profile of our company is the production of stainless steel filter casings, tanks and steel constructions.  90% of our products are exported to Germany.

The Süssmuth Hungária Ltd. has DIN EN ISO 3834-2 and AD 2000 HPO international standard-settings.

The usage of this system of quality assurance is the warranty for the persistent high quality of our products. 

This high quality is guaranteed by the competence and experience of our associates, our well-equipped factory, and the regular monitoring during and after the process of production.

We endeavour to beseem the expectations of our customers. 

The design of the products is done jointly with the customer and with the help of 3D designing software. Our products have already been used by some European manufacturers of automobiles such as Volkswagen, Mercedes, MAN and Ford for their entire satisfaction.